Sam and Max: Steam Trading Cards

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Anyone with Steam might have noticed the somewhat recent Steam Trading Cards Beta that has been added.

The system works by giving you Steam 'cards' when you are playing that related game. You only get a few limited drops, for which you must trade or buy the remaining cards.

Collecting a whole set and crafting them gives you a unique steam emoticon, background and Steam exp for that game.

Personally I'd love to see some Sam and Max cards, backgrounds and emoticons! ;)
How about you guys?


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    If they do that, they might as well enable their achievement system to work with Steam while they're at it.
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    They might want to consider doing this for Poker Night 2, the next time they have a sale.

    They already have the PSN wallpapers and an established cast of main characters. If the other rewards besides profile pictures aren't necessary, it could be very little work for the money.
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