Monkey Island Photography

Hi to everyone!

My name is Luca and I'm a young italian photographer.
I always loved, since childhood, the Monkey Island games. Loved the music, the backgrounds, the character, the jokes, the puzzles…everything! They always inspired me, so I thought it was a nice idea to do some personal project on it. I always wondered how those places will look like if they were real, or if they were part of a movie. So I started crafting, piece by piece, little photographic sets (or dioramas) trying to copy screenshots taken from the original games. Now I will share the results with you to know your opinion about that, and maybe to inspire someon else :D

If you, by any chance, know the cousin of the neighbour of the friend of the sister in law of the father of the mailman of the uncle of the man who sold a previously used coffin of someone who worked on the Monkey Island game and would show him those images you'll do me the greatest favor in the world, because I would love them to see how much they inspired me.

Please don't be mad if you see a similar post on other forums, it's because I'm trying to reach a larger number of Monkey Island fans.










I hope I didn't violated any formu rule or similar things. If I have, I apologize and will provide to modify so that it will be right.

(I'm sorry for the mistakes, as you can see enlish is not my native language).


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    Wow, that is so cool mate, nice work!
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    they look really nice, do you have a higher resolution of your pictures?
    i would like to use them as a desktop picture.
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    Wow those are cool!! Do you have a higher resolution image of the scene from Tales chapter 5? (I directed that one...)
  • MarkDarinMarkDarin Former Telltale Staff
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    Having worked on ToMI and loved the entire series since forever, I'd love to see hi-res versions of ALL of these!
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    I love seeing stuff like this. It's nice to know that this simple little game series still inspires people on such a profound level, even to this day - four years after the last installment. It gives me confirmation that I'm not alone in my almost tragic fanaticism.

    Hats-off for the marvelous effort :).
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    Thank you so much!

    I would have never hoped to receive comments directly from who worked on the game, so I have to say that I'm extremely happy.
    You will find the high res version of all the image in this post, and since I received a couple e-mail about the argument, I will also post a few shots of the backstage. All the images have been done in my garage so forgive me for the mess :P





    And now, as I already said, the backstage.

    Monkey Head



    International House of Mojo



    Curse Of Monkey island



    Guybrush Grave



    Obviously all the backstage photos are taken before putting the lights, the smoke. Just the one of "curse of monkey island" as you can see has some lighting setup to test the moon and one cloud.

    Again, thank you all for the comments! :D
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    OH WOW nice! Awesome.
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    Sweet! Fantastic work!
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    These look excellent! Well done!
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    Excellent work...
    I'm sure you could add a lot to the Grim Fandango stop-motion project. It'd be awesome if you were interested in collaborating... and/or were able to collaborate with the guy behind it. The result would be wonderful.
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    Wow, wow, WOW! Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing with us! :)
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  • GoTGoT
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    wow they're amazing.. i also visited your photography website, you're doing a great work! I'd love to buy a print of the monkey head one but i couldn't find it on your site...
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    That's a pretty impressive piece of work!!! Congratulations.
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