Sam Dies at the End

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Those of you who like my dumb drawings might want to take a look at Sam Dies at the End. It's a semi-serious mixed-media AU fanfic based on the TTG Sam and Max games. Fiction and comics, alternated to tell a story.

Those familiar with Sam and Max Season 3 know this is a storyline hinted at by Max, but you never hear the details. I’ve been wondering what happened for some time now.

If you haven't played the games I do not recommend it, as it has plenty of spoilers.

If you're interested, you can start reading from the beginning here at the bottom of the page, here:



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    I didn't have time to read it yet, but it looks pretty promising. I just wanted to emphasize:


    Just in case someone misses that. :D
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    Oh yeah, Tumblr is not exactly friendly when it comes to sequential art :/ oh well, tis still readable!
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    Sorry to bump this up but I realized that URL does not work anymore. You can find the -ongoing- fanfic here. We're heading into giant monster territory now!

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