The Lost World Game

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I am JP_Employee (FORMER member of jplegacy) and I created a petition a year or two ago to make the Lost World Game, sadly we never reached our goal of 1000 people, we only got 300-something people. I want Telltale Games to make a JP Game and make it like The Walking Dead, and I am sure it would be awesome. I also have a VERY old script and story that I made regarding it. If you want to hear about it, Just PM Me!

It would be epic if we get another JP Game from Telltale, I loved the first one! The gameplay was ok for a point and click adventure and the story (even though there were a plot hole or two that I caught) was AWESOME! Imagine getting to see a Jurassic Park Game with the Walking Dead gameplay (minus the comic book-esk graphics lol). I'm sure everyone will enjoy it!


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    Ah JP_Employee, I remember you. Too bad the petition never made its that why you left or for some other reason?
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    WOW! This would be great! With 300 people behind you that should convince telltale to make it! I just loved the walking dead game that they made! Telltale Please Make This!!! I would buy it!
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