Future dealers

I realize there's already a "fantasy casting thread" in this forum, but that's primarily for the poker players themselves.

What videogame/other character do you think would make the most entertaining card dealer in a future Poker Night game?

I vote for Rucks, the narrator from Bastion


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    Robot Devil, perhaps?
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    Rucks would be freaking amazing! Personally, I would like the see the AI from Pacific Rim be dealer. Oh wait, that's GLaDOS! Oh well, she can keep the job!
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    My vote goes to the Robot Devil as well.
  • Shodan or Cave Johnson.

  • Harley Quinn because she has become something of a fan service icon in her recent appearances and is a funny character all round.

    Miss Pauling from Team Fortress 2, or perhaps the woman asked Radigan Conagher to make Redmond Mann a life extending machine. I think her name was Elizabeth or Emily. I'll check.

  • Wheatley can be the dealer and the GLaDOS will be a player in the form of ... potato! I think she just can't leave the Poker Night because of her "juicy" personality.

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