They should really lower the price

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I wanted to try devils playhouse, after trying the walking dead. I was in for a comedy. However as fun as the game looks, I can't just buy season devils playhouse.

The cheapest they sell it for is, 34 dollars for all three seasons. I simply want to play one of them, yet their all in a bundle. How about making the price 14 dollars or something.


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    The chapter "Abe Lincoln Must Die!" is free to download and play. I downloaded it and played and afterwards I was really happy to pay for the whole seasons.

    In any case, sometimes Steam puts them up really cheap. If you like them, you could just wait for it to come up in a sale.
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    What it looks like currently in the store for me is:
    $34.99 for just The Devil's Playhouse.
    $39.99 for all three seasons.

    As crfh mentioned, if you're patient, you can occasionally get better deals than this.
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    The only drawback on waiting for a good deal. I may not have the money when I'm paid. I been itching to try out devils playhouse(heard it was good) even the walking dead only cost 25 max when the episodes we're coming out.
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    The Devil's Playhouse might pop back on the Humble Bundle. It has a "pay your own price" type of deal.
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    I agree... there have been two 85% off sales on in the last three months, but these games should really be available way cheaper more than three years after their original release. I'm all for keeping prices up a little longer than usual in the industry - it's not that these are in any way expensive games, for crying out loud - but maybe it's time for a constant price drop. Especially with Telltale's new direction, the games which must now be perceived as "classics" shouldn't still be at original asking price. :p
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    If there is one mistake companies can make, its never lowering the price permanently, its not like it costs anything to have them there.

    companies like EA, 20 years after release they still want 59.99$

    You actually make money by lowering price the longer since game has been released.
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    For what it's worth, all three seasons of Sam & Max are on sale at 75% off over at Green Man Gaming this weekend, so you can get The Devil's Playhouse for $8.74.
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    Thanks Puzzle.

    I recently bought it off steam, sadly the ones going for sale on cheap like posted above, expired before I was able to get to it. The problem is I have limited funds, so I don't always have the money to buy it for really cheap when its on sale for limited time.
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