I think the question we all want to ask is...

How did this idea of unholy awesomeness come about? Why Homestar Runner? Did Telltale come to the Brothers Chaps or vice versa?

Details, man! We need details!


  • MarkDarinMarkDarin Former Telltale Staff
    edited April 2008
    Funny story, I was riding down the street eating a chocolate bar, and these other two guys were walking the other way sharing a jar peanut butter... next thing you know a big truck drove by and crushed them. Then we called the Chaps and decided to make a game.
  • langleylangley Telltale Alumni
    edited April 2008
    What a tragic loss of peanut butter. Sure a cool game is coming out, but at what a price. (Other than the small monetary one, but that's irrelevant...)
  • edited April 2008
    This thread title is completely misleading!

    The real questions we all want to ask is:

    Will Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People still be available for unattractive people? Inquiring, unattractive minds want to know!
  • edited April 2008
    No, the real question is: Telltale has made games of Sam and Max, Bone, and now; Homestarrunner.com, are they reading my mind to find out what my favorite things are?
  • NickTTGNickTTG Telltale Alumni
    edited April 2008
    i bet i can guess what you can't wait for us to make next
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