Strong Sad's Arms

I and many other fans have noticed that in the advertisement shown on the H*R site, Strong Sad's arms are much thinner than usual. Are you guys planning to fix this or are you just going to leave the model like that?

On the other hand, I understand why The Cheat looks so strange - that thing's like a tesseract. It's practically impossible to accurately portray in three dimensions. You might want to try using the Kick the Cheat doll and the Cheat Commandos figurines as a guide though.


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    If they can make figures of all the characters then they can do it in 3D. The Cheat doesn't look so bad in toy form. I'd think Homestar would be the toughest though. But it looks like even though the game is in 3D, we'll always see him the was he is in the toons. Or at least his head!

    Edit: About Strong Sad's arms. From the trailers it seems that his arms are flattened to fit along his body better. If they weren't he would buldge out and people would complain about that. So in some shots his arms will look skinnier than other ones.
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    You know, the makers of The Simpsons had real trouble with Bart when they were making the 3D Halloween special segment. They had no idea how to implement Bart in 3D until they realized that toymakers had already done it before them, so they used a Bart doll as a guide.
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    The Cheat holds up surprisingly well most of the time, but the outlines and shading on him are distorting things a bit currently. The artists and graphics coding guys have been and will be tweaking the look of this stuff to get it as close to the 2D as possible as we go along.

    Also, our office is littered with H*R and Cheat Commandos figurines, as well as drawings and reference from the Chaps, and things like the puppet videos and existing 3D intros from the DVD and stuff. We have plenty of reference :)
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