Should the company Naughty Dogs buy Jurassic Park?

edited August 2013 in Jurassic Park
Reason why is because think of how amazing the uncharted and last of us went. If they bought Jurassic Park and made it into a survival type adventure sort of like the Last Of Us. Well in the Last of Us you have to survive and save ammo as well as finding health and upgrading your weapons kinda like the new Tomb Raider that came out not to long ago, but I think the company Naughty Dogs would make an awesome Jurassic Park game if they made it similar to those games they made.
Well Tomb Raider I don't think was one of them, but I mean similar to Uncharted and The Last Of Us style of a game. It also needs a good story line to it as well and of course like Uncharted and The Last Of Us a bunch of puzzles you have to go through and strategies to figure out. You can sneak your way past certain areas. As well as some you have to shoot your way through. I don't know how many games Naughty Dogs have made so far, but what do you guys think??? Should they add Jurassic Park to their collection as well?
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