Sam & Max at retail! Right now!

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I would have written this blog a week ago, but my repeated attempts to get pictures of Sam & Max Season One on a retail shelf were comically thwarted. But today the planets aligned...


I took these pictures at the Best Buy in San Rafael. Also, over the weekend Jake picked up a copy of the game at Fry's in Campbell. He forgot to take a picture, but he did get a thumbs-up from the Fry's employee who checked his bag on his way out!

Now we want to know where you've seen Sam & Max. There's an updated list of retailers carrying the game below, and these stores have locations all over North America. If you've seen Sam & Max in a store, please write in and let us know where it was. Better yet, take a picture! (Thumbs-up is optional but strongly encouraged.) Send it to us at and we'll tack it up on this big map we're going to hang on the office wall for this very purpose.

Read on for where you can pick up Season One at retail...[readmore]


Sam & Max Season One can be purchased at...

Best Buy Canada

Comp USA

Electronics Boutique Canada

Future Shop

Hollywood Video


London Drugs


Nebraska Furniture Mart
Office Max

Toys R'Us Canada


Wal*Mart Canada

Best Buy
Circuit City





(And don't forget
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