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I just finished the game and thought I would post some of my initial thoughts before I forgot them.

First of all, I really enjoyed playing Bone and look forward to future episodes. I guess the best way to do this is to make a list of all the things I really liked or suggestions I have for the next game in the series. If I seem to have more suggestions than things I liked it is just because I love adventure games I know my criticism can only benefit future games that TellTale makes. Unfortunately it is often the things that bother you that stick in your head, so if I didn't mention something assume that I thought it was done right.

-I really liked the animation and 3D art throughout the game. I found it smooth, colourful and and detailed cartoon-like atmosphere
-The interface was really easy to use perfect for an adventure game (less not being able to use objects together)
-the music was lively and very enjoyable
-all the characters were fresh and fun to interact with
-the story was interesting and brought the world to life, slowly unfolding and keeping me thristy for more

-Length : Despite time constraints I believe that the game was too short. When I saw the credits start to roll I felt completely surprised as I thought I still had atleast half the game left to go (assuming it should have taken 6hrs). At that point I was really getting into the game and was looking forward to the main plot of the story being revealed. I have never read any of the Bone comics so I guess I expected to find out a bit more about the world of bone in the first installment.

-Linearity/lack of interactiveness : All adventure games have points where there basically is only one thing to be done and the puzzles must be done in a certain order for the player to progress. However, usually when this happens you are still able to explore through several different locations and look around even if you can't progress. I find that in adventure games it is often all the little things you can interact with, look at or pick up and use together (even if this really doesn't progress you at all) that entertains you and prevents you from getting frustrated at not being able to continue. I enjoy listening to the characters, and greatly enjoy all the little things game designers place into their locations which add depth to the game.

-One feature I really liked of a few of the later LucasArts Adventures was the ability to double-click to instantly switch to the next location. In a larger environment this would be very appreciated for quickly getting around.

-The action sequences were okay, but personally I would prefer the effort to be focused on more puzzles and interactively
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