Sam & Max coming to XBLA with new and improved names

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Sam & Max Save the World

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
Remember a few weeks ago when we hinted that Wallace & Gromit wouldn't be the only Telltale game coming to Xbox Live Arcade? Today we're letting the cat lagomorph out of the bag with the news that both seasons of Sam & Max will also be making their way to the platform. No dates to announce yet, but like Wallace & Gromit, we've passed the "someday" phase and entered the "soon!" phase. We've been getting requests to bring Sam & Max to Xbox Live since the dawn of time, so it's really gratifying that we're finally able to do so. What can I say, Telltale aims to please!

Along with today's announcement we have a bit of... unusual news. While both seasons will be appearing on XBLA, they won't be named "Season One" and "Season Two" like they have been in the past. For any new releases, Sam & Max Season One will now be named Sam & Max Save the World. And Season Two is now Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space.

Surely, having read that last paragraph, you're stammering "But--but--why would you do such a thing?!" I'll admit I get as annoyed as anyone when a game has a new name slapped on it... I feel like the publisher is trying to trick me into buying a second copy of a game I already bought. This is not why we're doing it! (Although if you already played one of our games and went on to buy it again through XBLA or retail out of love for Sam & Max, we definitely wouldn't complain...)

We've been finding that "Season One" and "Season Two," while an excellent way to message that our games are episodic, are kind of nondescript when you're browsing at the store. Because our games are all about the story, we wanted to come up with something that hinted a bit more about the quest you're about to embark on. And as a series continues, we really don't want someone to pass up the newest game because they think they'll be missing out on what happened in a previous season -- because as everyone who's played it knows (and as Adventure Gamers confirmed last week by honoring it with five awards), the newly-dubbed Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space is a great standalone game in its own right.

If you fear change, think of our website as your safe haven. Both Sam & Max seasons are still available here, with the same titles you're used to. But if you're a forward thinker, watch for Sam & Max Save the World on Xbox Live Arcade and Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, coming soon to Live Arcade, as well as Wii and PC in snazzy retail versions.

Oh, and one more thing, the Official Xbox Magazine will have a first look at Sam & Max for XBLA in their next issue, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.
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