One month gap?

Are you guys at Telltale planning to put a one-month episode-less gap between episodes one and two like you did with Sam & Max seasons one and two?


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    Umm, you mean more than one month right?
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    Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't bother fixing my post properly so as to avoid conflicting with the thread title and causing confusion. It won't let me change the thread title and starting another thread would make me look like a spammy twit.
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    i believe (though don't quote me, i could be wrong) that the 2 month gaps with sam and max were because of the holidays... they always began the seasons in winter and ran them through to spring (and lets face it, who plays games on the holidays, right :rolleyes:)

    being as how we are now in the middle of spring, and the series is only running through the summer... i think you'll be ok
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    The two-month gap for Season Two happened to coincide with the holidays, but it wasn't the only reason.

    We're still figuring out the exact schedule for SBCG4AP. We'll let everyone know when it's decided. :D
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