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i've purchased the full season for the mac 4 days ago. the money has been taken from my account but it doesn't appear in my receipts and when i try to download the episodes it asks for a password that i dont have and i can't get in touch with telltale to find out whats going on. anyone else had this problem. cheers for any help


  • rooby-raxrooby-rax Telltale Alumni

    Unless you have changed you credentials here, in the forums, you should be able to log in with the same username and password.

  • JessW_TTGJessW_TTG Telltale Alumni

    Hey Swinhoe,
    Currently we are having a few technical difficulties for Mac users and their games. I would first suggest you enter in the password you used to log onto the site and post here. This is of course assuming that this is the account that you used to purchase the game. If that still does not work, please try again to get in touch with our support team as they can help you far greater than I can. Thanks!

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