The Royal Flush

I was playing TTTH a little bit earlier this evening, and Harry got a royal flush. It was pretty cool, but I was a little bummed that there wasn't something special mentioned about it. All that happened was the announcer said it was a straight flush, which of course is correct, and Harry did one of his usual victory chants, but as I said, I was hoping there would be something (maybe not quite Harry (or even grandma!) getting on top of the table and dancing). :cool: Oh, well. Maybe something special happens if the player gets it? :)


  • WillWill Telltale Alumni
    edited April 2008
    It is possible (or even probable) that none of the people making or testing the game ever got a royal flush, so it never occurred to anyone!
  • My teachers say that gambling is bad, but I say otherwise ??

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