I did say I will explain

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If you were reading way back then about the soundtrack the fans have been requesting for about3-4 years now and such and most just walked off but the few who did text and asked abit about whens it going to be released and we heard nothing. so as i said before on that discussion that at this point i am quitting in waiting and such for the soundtrack waiting maybe jumping of a ripped music that would have had excellent soundtrack but they don't want to because....plot device?

anywho as i explained it before just because i just stopped catering and hopping your releasing it. i still decided to make one more long writing explanation as to just why....then i realized my writing suchki thought hey just try YouTube. so i made a video talked about all the stuff i experenced while waiting for this soundtrack got all my stress up. you don't have to look at it or even read this if you don't want. all i wanted to make a tell all the stuff the fans who wanted the soundtrack but had nothing no matter how much they asked.

ban me if you want.
tell me im making idiotic explanations
or ignore me
do what you want

first part: /watch?v=PyqH9jz1Eog
second part: /watch?v=34LTezSRvcQ

also on a side note: don't ask about you know what


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