Poker Night 2: Perpetual Poker Project

A DLC that adds more characters that replace your regular characters (Ash, Brock, Claptrap, etc) with new characters. The characters are obtained by paying 500 tokens. (Which you can buy via microtransactions with 1000 per dollar.) They will only leave once you get their bounty. The bounty might give you a item, but it will always give you their cosmetic items, which when equipped, give you that character again. I haven't figured out the plot yet, but I want it to involve the G-Man from halflife.


  • Sounds dumb. How are you supposed to extract the voice files so the characters talk to each other? Conversation is what most people buy the damn Poker Night series for, not the actual poker itself. The characters will never be able to say each other's names or make idle chit chat.

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