Bone no longer available

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Why not? it's still available on steam but Telltale Texas Holdem and the Bone games are no longer available on this website. I really want to play the Bone games, are they coming back?


  • I second this.

  • Please bring them back i really want to get those games and i refuse to buy them on steam

  • Well, I'm glad I already have them... :\

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    I also find that bit weird. I ended up buying Bone bundle from Steam, because it doesn't seem to be available elsewhere and I wanted to add yet another early TTG title to my game collection.

    I'm not familiar with the comic (I know the basic premise, but not much else). However I think that it's easy to get into the series and both the setting and the characters are quite enjoyable.

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    When I read this, I went to check if they still were in my library and yes, both Bone and Texas Hold'em are there. So why remove them from the shop? They ran out of stock? :-)

    At first I thought that this could be because of some Bone copyright expiring for Telltale, but if Texas Hold'em dissapeared as well this theory doesn't hold water, because that card game is an original Telltale IP (in fact I think it's their only original property!)
  • Frankly i would rather they have the games on here then Steam. And i doubt the Bones Games will wind up on alternative shops like GOG or Desura. Frankly would rather have individual installer than be tied down to a Drm infected client.

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