How much is "just the cost of shipping and handling"?

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In blind hope for another great telltale game i preordered The Wolf Among Us.
But I couldn't find any information about the actual cost of shipping and handling of the collector's DVD.
How much will that be for international customers (Germany)?


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    Looking back at my last order (Back to the Future DVD + Strong Bad DVD), I was charged 21$ for shipping to Belgium, which should be pretty much the same as for Germany. I don't think it was cheaper if I only ordered one DVD.

  • The last DVD I ordered was Back to the Future two years ago. Shipping it to Germany via USPS First-Class Mail Intl Package was $13.19.

  • Postage in the U.S. is likely to go up in January. It's probably going to be a "wait and see" on the shipping cost.

  • Alright, thanks everyone!

  • I hope It won't be $ 21 else no dvd for me :(

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