is the collector's edition purchase mandatory?

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Hi ,

I would like to pre-order this game , but I really don't need the collector's item.
I live in Israel so I'm guessing the shipment from the states will cost at least 25$ and since I'm only interested in downloadable content , I prefer not to pay the extra price.


  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    No. If you purchase it from the Telltale store, you will get the digital downloads. You won't have to pay for the cost of shipping if you don't want the collector's disc.

    And even if you do decide that you want the disc, you won't have to pay for shipping until the disc is ready after the season ends. There's no shipping costs up with any pre-order purchase.

  • Jen's right. I never claimed my Back to the Future bonus DVD, for example, so I never payed p&p... ;)

  • Thx guys , already pre-ordered the game , if this is going to be anything near TWD its going to be great.

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