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I was wondering if Fables will be coming to Vita?

I bought Season 1 of the walking dead on Vita under the assumption that fables and season 2 of WD would be out on the same day on Vita as everywhere else. I just read on IGN the release date for fables and it didnt include the Vita on the list of systems its out for on that day.

Can anyone confirm if either of these games will or wont be out on the same release day on Vita as PC, xbox ps3 etc...

Ill be annoyed if not because i think Vita is perfect for a game like this, and i wont be happy if i have to wait months to play it...



  • A vita release is not yet announced. If the platform gets the game eventually, it will not be on the same schedule as the previously announced platforms (PC/Mac, XBox live, PSN). Sorry!

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