Gamespot Preview!

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Check it out:

Also lists a screenshot showing Kingdok... first time I've seen that one.


  • KevinKevin Telltale Alumni
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    There are now movies of ACTUAL GAMEPLAY at the game spot preview!


    It's coming soon!
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    Cool! I'm still having trouble adjusting to the Bones' voices, though...
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    I have a Gamespot Complete membership (HAD to get it in high quality ;p).. It's illegal posting the links to the high quality quicktime links... or? :-?

    I love the look of it. You better get something more on Gamespot soon ;) Thanks TTG.
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    I watched the first two, but stopped after that, just to get a feel for what the gameplay would look like. I didn't want to spoil the rest of the game for me. It is supposedly going to be a shorter experience than most, after all.
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    Very impressed by the gameplay videos. Looks like a one-click-does-everything interface similar to that of The Dig. Can't wait to play it.
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