Color Blindness and Quicktime

edited October 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

I bought the game on steam but i probably wont finish it for three reasons,

1) i am colorblind and am finding it very difficult to notice the circles for quick-time events, the white dots help but its not enough. cant you just have a setting that makes them blue or yellow?

2) i am a slow reader, i don't read a lot of books and i like to take my time to internalize what i read. I realize you want to prevent people being too careful with their decisions, but for me the timing is too short and it makes the game less enjoyable to not be able to fully read all the options.

3) rapid-press quick-time events; i tried playing this on my controller and with the keyboard and the timing required for repeatedly pressing the same key is way too fast. I am only capable of pressing a key about half a second per press and this isnt fast enough so i am going to fail every single one.

I am dissapointed. Best of luck with the game.


  • Hopefully someone from Telltale will see this and release a patch. There needs to be more Colorblind settings in games

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