Issues with 360 Version

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Not sure if others on here have experienced this but I had some issues trying to rewind the episode to particular sections on the 360 version and when I quit out of the game and then try to continue. When I tried to do this with the "choices" chapter, for instance, it just dropped me off outside of Bigby's apartment and I couldn't open the gate in front or do anything else and just had to quit out and get rid of the save. This happened a few other times with some of other sections as well; it would just place me in a seemingly random location in the game with nothing to interact with and no way to progress. Anyone else experiencing these bugs?

I also get a lot of lag when it's loading in between scenes and whenever an achievement pops up. It's a bit frustrating when the loading screen is lagging, though I suppose it's better than the scene itself doing so. Still, sometimes the lag would continue into the next scene so I'd have a line or two spoken over a black loading screen. Kinda annoying. If this is true for others, maybe it's something that can be looked into?


  • Sounds like a typical Telltale game. The stuttering during loading which often continues into the next scene is something that plagued The Walking Dead as well. I have first hand experience with the stuttering Vita port, but I'm told that the console versions are prone to stuttering as well.

    In short, the Telltale Tool which is the foundation of their games is a technical mess. Don't expect much in terms of fixes.

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