Telltale, you did it again. Congratulations!

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I was never too much a fan of the Telltale games, even though I was big into adventures in the early gaming years, but with Walking Dead you won me over and now after playing the first episode of Wolf among us, I'm totally sold.

I guess you found your style and the right mix of adventure and action and the comics you chose are great settings. Keep going strong with the plot and this one will be at least as acclaimed as Walking Dead.


  • Agreed , after you nailed TWD I didn't think you could create the same feeling. However , The Wolf Among Us seems even better ! Congratulations , how can I tell you this .... Respect++ !

  • I've copypasted what i've already wrote in every thread mentioned to express my feelings about a game. Well done, guys!

    Registered just to say how much i've appreciated "The Wolf Among Us". Starting from "Sam & Max" series(which i've never played tho), and continuing with "Tales of Monkey Island"(which was the greatest adventure game i've ever played since this moment), "Back to the Future" game(which was so much interesting and fascinating), "The Walking Dead" game(which impresseed me so much, that i was waiting for the next epsiode like i've never did i guess) and now it is "The Wolf Among Us". And i want to say, this game is something very special that people can try now in the area of videogames and,maybe, films. So special, tha i think it worth much more than just buying it, or buying it for those 25 bucks. One of the best i've ever played and,i think, ever will play. And not only adventure games, but all games ever made. Great job and well done! I would say 10 of 10, but it is quiet impossible in our world, so i'd say it's fair 9.9 in period of 10. Thank you and keep going, you doing it great, dear Telltale Games devs.

    Gaura Hari Bol!

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