[Major Spoilers] Ending

I just beat this episode, and was really surprised to see Snow's head (I expected it to be Beauty since Beast was around the crime scene & she was really suspicious). I know that she isn't really "dead", but here is my question: do you think she'll be back before the conclusion of episode 5? Or might TTG wait until the next season (assuming there is a next season) to bring her back? Discuss.


  • I was really suspecting Beauty too and I was worried because I had lied to Beast so I thought I'd screwed up! Definitely surprised me! I'm assuming they'll want to screw around with us and wait until the conclusion to bring her back or just give us like a shot of her hiding in the shadows. I haven't read the comics but I keep hearing she's like a big part of the series? If that's true, it feels kind of cheap to make this big dramatic cliffhanger just to bring her back again.

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