One of the biggest sleeper hits of 2013

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I had never heard about Fables. I loved Walking Dead but for some reason was sceptical about this "weird new franchise" (remember Back to the Future and Jurassic Park).

But what the hell the first episode was better than I could've ever expected. The dialogue is just perfect, the voice acting really good and the whole setting combined with the art style is just incredible. I love choices in games, and it seems this game might have more of them than TWD, even if they will be somewhat minor. Even the QTE:s are more interesting.

I probably like it more than I liked TWD at the start and I'm just really happy this game exists :D

I can't really give it a score without playing the other episodes, but if they continue in the same vein, I have no problem giving it a 10/10.
Call me crazy, but I just love dialogue and story in games.


  • Totally agree with you,for now one of my best games of 2013,hope they keep doing great job

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