Impossible to play with an AZERTY keyboard (Controls, keyboard mapping)

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Hi Telltale,

As many noticed it before, the game looks really great but it's REALLY hard to play on a PC without being able to remap the keyboard. In addition, not supporting AZERTY keyboard (in the QTE for instance) makes is quite impossible to play for someone with an AZERTY keyboard (about 90% of Europe I guess)...

Thanks a lot if you can patch this.
An early supporter


  • I haven't played yet, but if it's anything like Walking Dead, you can use the arrow keys instead of WASD and if there are quicktime events, they're mapped to the mouse buttons. The only thing that doesn't have a workaround is the inverted mouse. Hope that makes it a little easier on you.

  • Just change your keyboard layout to qwertz/qwerty. Takes 10 seconds to do. Or play with the arrow keys.

  • They did NOT fix that lack of rebinds?!

    How can a dev get anymore lazier... :///
    Not buying anymore telltale games until they get their heads togeteher.

    Too bad, just watche TB's WTF and was interested, guess I'll pass, TWDS2 too...

    Damn you Telltale...

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