I hope there are serious repercussions in Episode 2 for going to Lawrence's house first

For example, Toad would have given you some vital piece of info in the next episode, but doesn't because he doesn't trust you anymore for taking your sweet time to come help him.

As it stands, it seems like there is an objectively right decision in Episode 1: go to Lawrence's house first and you can save him. Don't go and he dies and not much changes with Toad except being scolded. In subsequent replays, therefore, everyone will know which one to pick.


  • I saved Lawrence, but I've guessed that his story isn't taking a positive direction come episode 2.

    That said, I don't think that the game should be barred from giving some choices heavier consequences than others. Though I do think it's interesting when some results play out in the long run of the season, rather than showing all the immediate pros or cons of a decision right after it's made.

  • if you manage to save Lawrence he gives you a clue (Georgie) where as toad has the same response if you chose him or not. I think going to Lawrence was the right choice he would know more about what his wife has been up to.

  • Not barring anything, but if the big 'choices' in the game come down to objectively 'right' and 'wrong' rather than letting the player decide for themselves, then anyone who replays the game will just take the 'right' options next time.

    The best choices in these games are the ones that make you think about what you're doing and why you're doing it, forcing you to make moral compromises, rather than just being a weak form of puzzle solving where the game punishes you for not making the correct decision.

  • Pretty sure Lawrence was the right choice, Toad is a dick no matter what you do. The difference seems to be that Toad mentions his son was harassed by one of the Tweedles when you didn't go to his place first, and if you had gone to his place, he never mentions that (and Snow isn't as nice to the son).

  • TWD had a similar choice in its first episode. Choosing to "save" Hershel's son was completely useless and got you nothing except Kenny's ire. Hershel kicks you off the farm regardless. But saving Duck instead wins a lot of points with Kenny. If you meta game like that sometimes there are going to be "better" choices.

    I dont think they've done this too often, so it doesn't really bother me, and I think the cool thing about them is that you can't tell which one is going to be "right" the first time you play. When Shawn died anyway in TWD it was a huge shock, and when Lawrence was alive on my second run I jumped out of my seat!

  • Even if that's the case it is easily explained away to Toad.

    "Yeah, sorry for not coming when you asked but we did actually save a guys life in not doing so, y'know.."

  • I'm guessing we will find out in episode 2. But yes, for now it seems like going to Lawrence first is the right choice since it saved him.

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