Episode 2 release

Does anyone know when episode 2 released? and on a sidenote what where your thoughts on the ending of Faith? i personally was shocked and sad because i thought Snow was a good character,


  • I thought it ended a little too quickly, so far on I'm on my 3rd play through and I need more save slots! I think there should be an online comic/ back story for new fans since I have no idea who all these characters are. It's a great little story though.

  • Max date: 2 months from release date. Could be 1 month from release date too.

  • I really loved the game and I understand that Telltale has a history of releasing episodic games and it's fine.But I seriously think that having to wait a month or two is too much! The episodes are pretty short and by the time the next one is released I won't remember a lot from my previous playthrough.I say one episode every week would be the best or even one episode every two weeks.But one every two months is just too much in my opinion and it's unnecessary to wait that long given the fact that the other episodes seem to be finished too.

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