All Fables Achievement

edited October 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

OK, I got all but the last one, which I suspect I cannot get in a single playthrough. The last one I got was called "Bigby's Mercy", possibly because I spared Grendel and generally wasn't too much of an asshole to people. Can anyone confirm if that's indeed the one I'm missing, the "evil Bigby" version of this? Or is it something completely different that I've missed alltogether?


  • You have to play through the last scene again, and after The Woodsman says "He's had enough", choose to attack Grendel instead of walk away. You can rewind your earlier save, and then choose a new save game slot (if you want to see the outcome of this decision in future episodes), or just choose the same save game slot and then play through it again afterward with your original choice (I chose this option).

  • Yep you have to rip of Grendel's arm to get the last one.

  • Ah it's cool, I won't be doing it then. One thing I love about Telltale's new direction, is how personal the stories are. I wouldn't have ripped it out in real life and I won't rip it here, achievement be damned.

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