My thoughts on episode one

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Hello! I just played the episode one and this is the things i caught and my guess upon those things. I believe that there's two separated cases, the first one is that someone is after the donkey skin clothes and the second is the murders.
Donkey skin: When I saw that Faith and the twins were looking for something in Toad's apartment, I connected it to the hidden donkey skin, I thought to myself why would they be wanting so bad that skin and why was there a sorry note on it? Then I remembered the sign book in the library. When you click on the donkey he says a magic world that makes animals shit gold, so I believe that the donkey skin may be very valuable and that's why someone is after it so badly.

The murder(POSSIBLE BIG SPOILER): Its funny that just before playing this game I read a sherlock holmes book called "A study in scarlet". I think this game has a clear reference to it, the ring on a dead woman, a story of a lost love, and finally, cab drivers. There's one character that was probably with both victims, and that character is that ginger guy Snow greets before showing you Faith's head, notice how he appears coming inside the building which possibly means he went by the head on the way, but that is not the biggest clue, how do you think Faith returned home after the night with the Woodsman? That's right, a cab. And guess who was driving the last cab Snow took? Look again, ginger guy.

So that comes to why, and here are my guesses: The message with Faith's head was the ring in her mouth, that is a wedding ring(you can see in her tale book image and on her dad's finger), so the reason was revenge, but not to her specifically, I think he is taking revenge on all girls who cheated on someone.


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