Lovin' the game, but......

God almighty is it buggy/laggy as HELL!

Geez, the PSN/PS3 version of this is MAD sluggish/buggy as hell. I'm constantly experiencing hiccups and freezes every time it goes to saying and I've even had it lock-up on me completely (thankfully I was playing lousy as a mutha, so THAT freeze was totally, lol). I know it had an update even before I first loaded it, but damn if it doesn't need another one.....0_o


  • Yeah, the game is utterly awful on PS3. Inexcusably bad port, imo. I shouldn't have to spend 10 minutes of every game staring at a frozen screen.

  • Same here, I keep getting stu-stu-stu-stuttering audio, lag between every hand, frozen characters, and an occasional crash. I just got the game for free on PS+ and am surprised they would be giving this away in such shape. I'm guessing a patch is out of the question at this point? It seems like it would be a great game otherwise.

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