Second play, and I'm worried about Colin.

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Colin the pig.

I gave him a drink. Hard liquor.
And Snow White knocked on the door, and I walked out of the room...

And of course, there was THE ginger guy walking towards my place (Why?!)
Maybe... Probably for Colin...?! Or maybe not. Hope it's just me being paranoiac.

Me and Snow never take a hint, by the way. Snow even says 'Good morning, or evening...' (Does she know him? Who is he?)

Colin must be drunk, and helpless! I hope my kindness to give him a hard liquor doesn't turn into something terrible. NOoooo, Colin. I really loved the way you drank my whiskey... the funniest part in Episode 1. Don't turn into chopped pork !!


  • I don't think you should worry about him until you get to the farm. I think it may be his "last straw" XD.

  • Colin is fine, he just went back to the Farm. Besides, he shows up in Fabkes, so he'll survive TWAU.

  • Funny enough.. I thought all those policemen found Colin at the end of the episode.. and nah. Colin's going to be in every episode. Telltale said he's going to be the "moral" barrier sort of think that lectures or praises you for your choices throughout the episode.

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