The Wolf Among Us Figures

I don't know about anyone else, but I would pay top dollar for a Bigby Wolf figure. I feel like Telltale would make a killing if they released figures of the main characters from their games. I know I would love to have a Lee Everett figure as well. Just something to think about.


  • For TWD, Telltale has stated that they are allowed to sell copies of the game, but not any merch. I'm pretty sure that this goes the same for TWAU as well. But if you were looking for some actual Fables merch, a few figurines were released a few years ago as promos...If that's what you were looking for.

    But yeah, I would've loved to have a TWAU piece of merch. :(

  • Maybe classic Bigby figure and Big Bad Wolf figure

  • Maybe they will be able to sell stuff for TWAU, as the reason we never got merch for Walking Dead was because the creator of the comics did not want them to, figures would be a nice addition though.

  • Agree, id buy TWA but not TWD as seen it all before while this new game is visually and acoustically awesome!!!!! sign me up for all the babes(with removable heads) and one of the wolfman taking off an arm and saying fetch lol

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