Agree it you think TWAU is awesome...

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Agree it you think TWAU is awesome...and possibly better than the walking dead (which was very good but had Clem in it so instant black mark).

I'm hugely impressed by episode one and annoyed there is not more of it (now please!!!).
I like that there were branching paths which TWD failed to deliver though lied to us regularly about path a or b when there was only ever path a and a disguised as b. I hope this story really shapes up the way we play by ep 5 the villain will be who we want it to be maybe etc.
Either way this is just a post for all of us fans to let the makers know we love it and want more and will support them if they make toys or spin offs or special editions or what ever it takes (as long as they improve the framerate and release it on ios asap!!!).


  • I think it's brilliant, amazing, awesome, beautiful, well-written. Great game

  • i might be reading your post wrong, but did you say having Clementine in the game is a black mark? If I read that wrong then sorry but is that what you meant?

  • with each game TTG gets better, I won't ever say the TWAU is better than TWD. These are too different games..different subject matter. TWAU was enjoyable for an hour but it didn't leave me on the edge of my seat. i was happy to have a new game/story to play but that's it. hm..I would have to see how this season plays out before calling it awesome.

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