Episodes 2-5 Previews (Speculation)

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Has anyone looked at the preview pictures for each episode right after you press "PLAY" on the start menu? It has some interesting stuff. A lot could be hints to the killer and/or where the story's direction is heading.

Episode 2

-A girl, presumably a stripper or prostitute, is shown in dark alley, smoking

-The pimp with the tattoos that Bigby was talking to is with the girl. Speculation says this guy could be a fable or a "mundy". He could also be "Georgie" (the name that Lawrence mentioned)

Episode 3
-Bigby is outside his apartment at night time, looking around

-A girl is hiding behind the gate, looking like she's about to shit Bigby. Note that she also has a police badge and a bandage around her head. In my thoughts, this could be Snow White's sister- Rose Red.

Episode 4

-Bigby looks to be questioning or "interrogating" Bluebeard

-Yes, this man is Bluebeard. If you look at the character pictures with each book of Fables bio, that's his model. He suspiciously looks very sinister and happy. He was mentioned to be out of the country in Episode 1, why'd he come back? Could he be the killer?

-It is also important to note that they are at Ichabod's desk in the office. Could Bluebeard done something to Ichabod?

Episode 5

-Bigby is shown in an advanced wolf form, maybe even his final form (but we don't know)

-It looks to be the middle of the night, plus it's a full moon. Could this mean something? Also, what could have set Bigby off to turn into this giant wolf form?

What are your thoughts and opinions on each episode's preview image?

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