a new theory, a new suspect SPOILERS

anyone else have suspicions that colin is involved? he was the one who said people dont forget, he isn't at the apartment when bigby wakes up, and after all, bigby ate his brothers. perfect motivation to toy with bigby and kill the people he loves. colin mentions how bigby looks at snow, as if bigby is in love with her. and then she turns up dead. perhaps colin's glamour form is one of the ginger men? we never see the 2 of them together after all


  • I'm not sure if in this version bigby did eat colin's brothers, because colin was the one who lived in the straw house, but maybe he mentioned it, i can't remeber

  • i thought that was the case, but either way, bigby still destroyed his house, and colin does seem to hold a grudge. he is also close enough to bigby that he can keep tabs on him and what he is investigating.

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