[Spoilers] Huge Problem for Fable Town

edited October 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

I don't believe either Faith or Snow White is dead, mainly due to what you see in the Magic Mirror concerning Faith and Faith's Father. However, even if Faith and Snow White are still alive, there is still a huge problem for Fable Town. When Faith's head was found, it was by the Fable community, so they can keep it hush hush. However, Snow White's head is found by the actual NYPD, meaning that even if she isn't really dead, you're going to have detectives investigating Fable Town, for a death that may or may not have occurred, and has the potential of revealing the Fables to the mundie world, which could be way more catastrophic than the death or a Fable or two. Either way, it's going to be a shit storm, and I love that :D

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