Alice and other fables.

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Well since Tweedle Dee and Dum is part of this world are we going to eventually meet the other related characters such as Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire cat?

I'd hope so. I really enjoy this game and seeing the fables I grew up with in a different light is very entertaining.

If The Cheshire cat is in this story. I wonder if he has been watching Bigby this entire time. Seeing how can turn completely invisible at will.


  • If you really wanna see Alice , then you'd best hope she doesn't get to comfortable with Bigby xD Otherwise ... we know that bad things happen.

  • Honestly, I would love to see a human version of the Cheshire Cat, especially if Jack isn't in this season. Always love a trickster :P

  • Maybe not all of those you've mentioned, they are using some lesser known ones.

  • I think a good twist would have Alice as a mundie. But I would understand if they had her in as a Fable.

    I was gutted to hear that Red Riding Hood didn't make it out of the home lands. I would love to see where Bigby and Red stood in Fabletown.

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