My opinion on Wolf among us, feedback for the developers

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I loved it. I finished it 4 days ago I am still thinking about the game, theories and try to read fables.
So I definitely believe that this is the way to go for TellTale in the way to tell a story, as well I feel the complexity of the story and how interesting is becoming.

There are three things that can be improved, so here my constructive criticism, that I want to give at TellTale as Feedback
1) Length. I really felt that the closing of the story was early, I would have played a little bit more.

Especially after capturing Dee, I would have wanted to see a classic story closing on which we achieved what we had to do. And than have to play the "next episode scene". I understand that is difficult to have important decision happening and create the branch of stories from that, but I believed have the possibility to explore little details more like "the dossier of bluebeard" to actually be able to read it; or to be able to interact more with my own apartment and talking with Colin; or be able to wonder more about the wonderful room of wonder and have little situations happening there.

2) Meta-game, after I had the call from Toad, I felt the need to check the situation by looking at the mirror before choosing what to do. I couldn't do that! And I felt like a detail was left out, and I lost the immersion of the game. I want to be able to look for Toad, and help me in making the decision. I was very pissed off about the fact that Lawrence died, because on the mirror didn't look like he was alive, he looked already as dead to me. So I choosen Toad because he was alive and in trouble. I really felt deceived by the information received. I would like this part of the game to be more smooth out.
Especially the part of calling the mirror, to have at least the decency to change the content of what we said instead of repeating the usual phrase "bla bla bla able, bla bla bla fable" it is funny at first instant, annoying at the second. Those are details that to me count.

3) UI - I couldn't even have a look at my inventory. I was trying to click on them and the inability of interact, it was quite bothersome. I couldn't have a look at the matches, I couldn't read anything on it, I couldn't have a look better at the tarot.
I am just used at the point and click adventures to have that kind of standard. Please give us the possibility of look at those elements.

I just remembered one more problem and it is technical, but I think it is due to my Mac laptop.
I had troubleshooting moments on the game in processing smoothly on my MAC, and I hope that this will not happen even on powerful computers, because it ruins as well the whole game, with interruptions that frustrate the gamer.

I wish you good luck, and I am really really eager to look forward for the next episode.


  • Regarding technical problems, I had no problem whatsoever. I'm playing this game on an i3 Asus laptop, with 4 GB RAM and a NVIDIA Geforce 720M GPU with 2 GB VRAM. So... it might be because of your mac.

  • 3) is one that seemed weird to me, basically all you could do with the inventory was list the names of the items, sure the may be useful if you forget what you have picked up, but it seems like a redundant feature, maybe it will be used more in the future, but it just seemed pointless to just be able to scroll through the inventory

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