Xbox version - game won't start.

If anyone else has had this problem, could you please help me fix it?

So, I download the demo for the game from the Xbox live arcade. I think it's great, and at the end of the demo I buy the first episode and the season pass. The game downloads way too quickly and won't play when I hit start, so I delete the game from my hard drive and download it again.

The game still won't play.

Help? I know this is the full first episode (at least I think so) because it took a lot longer to download than the first time 'round, and it was almost a full 1GB download. But when I press start and hit play for the first chapter, it just becomes stuck on the beginning screen for episode one. What else can I do from here?


  • Same thing happened to me.
    When you get to that start up screen, instead of hitting play, change you your save settings and manually choose a save slot.
    This freaked me out too. Good luck

  • Happened to me too. Ended up having to do the same thing Aleazor found out. Y'know, after clearing out my cache and deleting/reinstalling a few times, and throwing a tantrum. :-/

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