FPS issue on the 360

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I've already seen part 1 played and finished on the PC. I just purchased it for my 360 and the game is running rather crappy. It can terribly during the first fight with the huntsman and it was skipping frames. Anything i can do to try and fix this? Even when pausing the game, it'll continue the scene and keep talking with a black screen and then pause. Upon finishing, there was a lot of lag and certain fighting options weren't able to be done because of the frame rate and skipping frames. It's frustrating because this is such a good game.


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    I'm on PS3 but was having similar issues. The game would just hang and dialogue would repeat ("Do you want the Big Bad Wolf to take you away, way, way, way?") I switched out my HDD (I had one in a YLOD console) and it solved them. Someone else had posted a video of the exact problem I was having and they solved it by using some of the recovery menu options (PS3 version of a defrag tool.)

    A mod also explained that some unresponsiveness is normal but not what we were experiencing.

    So you might want to check your HDD or storage media with the appropriate maintenance utilities. Also check the support boards.

    Referenced discussion thread.

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