replay value? TWAU vs. TWD possible spoilers

it seems to me that TWAU will suffer greatly due to little or no replay value once we find out who the killer is. unless TT leaves TWAU open ended there wont be much reason to play through the game again like in TWD. in TWD you know what happens to lee in the 2nd and more playthroughs, but its still fun to make different choices to change who lives and dies, see other dialogues, etc. but it would be somewhat pointless to do the same with TWAU since you will know who the killer is. This is just my opinion, but what do you guys think?


  • It's not just a detective game. I think the overall choices in this game are much better than in TWD. Did you play Episode 1 again yet? Because I noticed that there was more differentiation than in the Walking Dead Episode 1. So, it has a huge replay value, just for the feel of the world and the amazing lines. Maybe the replayability from start to finish will be lesser but as of playing Episode 1 through a few times, then continuing all the saves on Episode 2 and so on before the series ends, will be cool. I, for exaple, have different versions of Bigby: my version, Badass version and interesting choices version. So, I will have three different experiences.

  • yes i have replayed episode 1 3 times so far, and i played in about the same way you did. (i did a 1st play through, a "badass" play through, and a "nice" play through, while making different choices each time.) i ment after we know who the killer is. i can't help think of the game "heavy rain," which is also an awesome game, but once i knew who the killer was, on my 2nd play through, it didn't have the same feeling that i got from my 1st play through. where as in TWD i may know what happens to lee, but still am replaying it to this day, to make different choices such as "asshole" Lee where i treat Clem like shit, and see which characters will still come with me at the end lol

  • I'd say the fact that you already played the first episode three times through tells me the game has replay value. Also, I think knowing what happens to lee is just as substantial of an impact as knowing the who the killer is. The replay value comes from the different journey you take to get to the end result; mix that with good writing, atmosphere, and gameplay--you have a game worth playing again. I will use one save until all of the episodes have been released, and once I have them all--I will start a new save with different choices. I do this as opposed to playing the same episode three times before the next episode comes out. This way I don't burn myself out. Try it, it may make the games appeal last longer.

    yes i have replayed episode 1 3 times so far, and i played in about the same way you did. (i did a 1st play through, a "badass" play through,

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    I played through TWD all at once, because i didn't know it existed untill after all the episodes were released. Where as if i did the same with TWAU, once i know who did it, it wouldn't be the same. Maybe it's just me but i hope they leave the ending ambiguous so that there is no confirmable guilty character. i think that if the ending was open ended, it would have much more replay value, as well as leave an opening for future seasons.
    I didn't mean the game has no replay value, just not as much as TWDonce we know who the killer is.

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