Bigby's Wolf Transformation Stages

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I have decided to gather a bunch of info and make a "chart" of sorts of Bigby's wolf transformation. There has been a lot of speculation about how many "stages" transformation he may have, or what his final form will be (wolf or wolf-man)

For each stage I will post a picture, a full shot and a face shot

Let's start with his human form

Alt text

1st Stage of Transformation

Alt text


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    I really feel this is the wrong way to look at things.

    Bigby's father was the North Wind (basically a God) and lived for a time with Bigby's mother, a she-wolf named Winter, in the guise of a wolf. His mother died of a broken heart when his father left her and Bigby resented his father because of this. As a result of his mother's death Bigby chose to live as a wolf, in her honour, rather than learn to control his abilities from his father with his siblings.

    After escaping the Homelands Bigby initially chose to live in the forests of Russia (iirc) before he was approached to join the Fable community being established in New York. Once he agreed a Lycanthropy stained knife was used to awaken his natural ability to shape shift. So Bigby doesn't transform in stages, because there are no set stages. Bigby doesn't use or need a glamour because he's inherited his father's shape shifting ability amongst other things. It's a much more fluid process where he can transform as much or as little as he wants.

  • In other words, he can choose to be all human, all wolf, or anything in between. There aren't any set stages.

    I really hope we get to play Bigby as a full wolf.

    Spoilers And even use the old huff & puff, like he did with Goldilocks. Spoilers

  • I'm sure that those gigantic nails and the yellow eyes are the full wolf transformation. In the episode 2 trailer, we hear someone (I think Toad) saying: "Jesus Christ, Bigby. Is that you?", and we see a gigantic monster with yellow eyes. And he's way bigger.

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