Missing book of fables

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I seem to have missed one of the books, the one between bluebird and the wolf.
can anybody post a pic of the character?


  • Do you have both fable books called "Bigby's Mercy" and "Bigby's Vengeance"?

  • Only Vengeance I guess, i guess it is because i choose to cut that villain hand... no?

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    In the final chapter, at the end of the fight with Gren, you can chose to leave him or tear his arm off. Both options give you an entry in the Book of Fables (Mercy if you leave him, Vengeance if you rip his arm off), so you'll need to replay the chapter to get both.

    I'm not a fan of this, since I REALLY didn't want to tear his arm off but the game practically forced me to. Thank god for additional saves.

    Also, someone else made a video containing all the Book of Fables entries. He posted it here.

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