About Woodsman..

edited October 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

when in that bar, making DAT CHOICE. If you choose Dee where the heck does the Woodsman run off too? He was trapping himself in a dead end by going in a bathroom right? does bigby get the both of them or? what happens?


  • My guess is that maybe there are a exit door for emergency case so thats how Woodsman escape

  • thiers probably an exit door..maybe he knows something but maybe was scared

  • I doubt there was an exit door in the bathroom, as there typically isn't in bathrooms for commercial establishments. I don't think I've ever been in a business that had an exit to the street from its bathroom. There might be a window overlooking the street however, and my guess is that the Woodsman jumped out the window.

  • Maybe he's gonna use the window haha

  • Alright, thanks guys :D

  • If you choose the Woodsman Bigby brings him out normally like he would with Dee, it's literally the exact same scene just replaced with the character you chose.

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