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Sorry if there is another place for this in The Wolf Among Us area, but my PC is having problems, and is very slow, so just thought I'd ask here quickly.
I just bought The Wolf Among Us on PSN, and when I try to download it, it starts loading, and then it doesn't go to download. At all. Does anyone know why/had the same problem? If this isn't a problem with the game but with Sony, then I'll contact them, but instead of going through all the hassle I'd thought I'd just ask here.
Thank you.


  • I did not have any difficulty downloading from PSN. You should have a download for the demo (which is the whole game) and an additional download with the full game unlock code. I'd try to download again from your Download List (it is a few steps down under Network on XMB.) If it doesn't show up in the download list you likely didn't complete the transaction properly in the store.

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    Downloaded the demo again, and went to the store from there onwards and it worked. Thanks a lot man! :)

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