Any chance of us being in the game?

With all the contests of strong bad these days how about a contest that allows us to make a short appearance in 2D in strong bad game for cool attractive people?We could draw our picture or send it through flickr or something.Or an auction I bet someone would pay $10000 for a cameo.


  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    We just ran that contest to get your name in the game. :)
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    Jake wrote: »
    We just ran that contest to get your name in the game. :)

    How about the chance to be in the game as in our body and everything that attached to it in 2d.
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    hey, tom, you got something's strong bad's cool game for attractive people...not about attractive people.
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    OMG I want my body in the game.
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    Gah! I can't take this anymore!
    Thank you.
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    wisp wrote: »
    not about attractive people.

    who says he's attractive? Seen a pic? Is he a hottie?
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    no...i mean, i don't know. also, i think it doesn't really matter in that case..except if you're looking for a date or something.
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    Nah, I like my nerds.
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    is there a chance of the miis we create to be characters or the names of email senders. then we could re create ourselves into mii's and thus breaking th time space continuum or something like that i don't know.

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