Mac Version?

I know it's unlikely, but for those of us unfortunate enough to own neither a Wii nor a PC, any chance of a Mac version in the future? (Ditto w/ Sam and Max)


  • JakeJake Telltale Alumni
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    We would love to have our games running natively on Macs at some point. It's not something we're working on or actively perusing right now, however. Also, just in case here, before you get too excited about even just that vague arm-waving, if we did eventually put out Mac releases, I suspect they'd be for Intel Macs only.
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    That said, if you DO own an Intel Mac, they run in Boot Camp if you have a copy of Windows laying around.
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    Thanks for the replies. :) I do happen to have an intel MacBook Pro. If I had a copy of windows, I'd be in business. Like I said, I knew it was unlikely, but I had to ask. Maybe I'll get a Wii in the near future. My only console right now is a PS3.
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